Empowering Industry Professionals: Navigating Certification Journeys

Discover how Academy at partners 2 innovate nurtures industry professionals through education, empowerment, and collaboration. Follow the certification journeys of Samuel, Christian, and Andreea as they showcase expertise in Infor solutions, highlighting a culture of continuous learning and support at partners 2 innovate.

In the dynamic world of IT consultancy, professional growth is a journey filled with challenges and rewards. That’s why Academy is an integral part of partners 2 innovate.

It rests on three key pillars:

  1. Educating new talent: We focus on educating young professionals, guiding them to become certified consultants. Our aim is to equip our trainees with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills even before they begin working on customer projects.
  2. Empowering experienced consultants: We are dedicated to supporting and empowering our seasoned consultants on their journey of self-improvement and professional development.
  3. Enabling collaboration: partners 2 innovate facilitates learning experiences for our customers and partners. Where participants have the opportunity to learn alongside experienced industry specialist and gain valuable insights and knowledge.

This narrative explores the experiences of associate consultants from partners 2 innovate as they obtain Infor certification, showcasing their expertise and the company’s dedication to continuous learning. Andreea, Samuel and Christian want to share their unique perspectives on their certification journeys, highlighting the supportive environment at partners 2 innovate.


I’m pleased to share an update on my journey towards becoming a functional consultant. It all began last year, and since then, I’ve been fully immersed in the world of Infor—LN, CS, OS, and beyond. Along the way, I’ve been picking up industry insights and fine-tuning those soft skills that are so crucial in this line of work.

I firmly believe that trainings and knowledge sharing in the workplace are vital components for fostering personal growth and ensuring the success of an IT company, especially considering the highly dynamic nature of the sector and its continuous innovation. This aspect holds even greater significance for young professionals as we strive to establish a solid foundation for our future.

Last week, I hit a milestone: I obtained the Infor CS IE Associate certificate. Preparing for the exam was challenging but with some cracking support and advice from my p2-i colleagues, I managed to pull through—and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Earning the certificate wasn’t just about ticking a box; it covers the diverse business processes of Infor CS IE, including the areas of logistics, finance, and specifications of its integrated solutions. With my specialization in logistics and a strong affinity for warehousing, quality, and manufacturing, getting ready for this challenge provided me an opportunity to refresh my skills and knowledge in areas I don’t typically engage with.

What’s particularly gratifying is that this accomplishment is shared with all my fellow associate consultants at p2-i, reflecting the company’s commitment to delivering excellence to our customers.



As an associate at partners 2 innovate, I’ve had the unique opportunity to draw upon the collective knowledge and experience of our team. Their expertise has been instrumental in helping me navigate the complexities of the certification process, particularly in understanding the various aspects of the LN landscape. Our team’s collaborative environment has enriched my learning experience, providing insights from various perspectives. The commitment of my colleagues to our shared success has been evident in their consistent support and encouragement. Achieving the Infor LN Cloud Industrial Enterprise Associate certification marks a milestone in my professional development. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow within partners 2 innovate. The assistance from my team has been pivotal in my development. I’m excited to apply the knowledge and skills I’ve gained through this certification to contribute positively to our team and the industry. I look forward to what the future holds.



After one year of dedicated preparation and rigorous study, paired with some customer experience, I am thrilled to have achieved this significant milestone in my professional journey. This accomplishment not only validates my proficiency in the intricacies of the Infor platform but also underscores my commitment to continuous learning and advancement within the field.

The Infor Associate Exam encompassed a comprehensive array of topics, ranging from industry-specific knowledge to technical expertise. By attaining this certification, I have demonstrated my ability to navigate and leverage the full potential of Infor’s offerings effectively.

A special thank you is dedicated to all my colleagues at partners 2 innovate, who made LN easy to understand and dedicated their time to give us trainings, materials, help and mentorship.

Armed with this certification, I am eager to contribute to driving innovation and efficiency within my organization and beyond. The next step in my career is to gain valuable customer experience and put in practice all the concepts I have studied.


At partners 2 innovate, we deeply value the concept of continuous learning. That’s why we commit so much of our resources to support our consultants’ growth and help them evolve into excellent industry specialists. This commitment extends to our partners and customers as well. Our approach to the education is built on belief that learning process is the most important part of being innovative environment.