Join us on a professional journey of process refinement and digital innovation, led by our team of experienced consultants with wide experience across diverse industries globally. We're excited to introduce our InnoSights service, exclusively tailored for current users of Infor products, aimed at validating and enhancing your existing processes.

Explore the structured approach of our three-step methodology:

Step 1: Preparation

At the beginning, we engage into a preparation. Your organization provides essential insights into your processes, key performance indicators (KPIs), and relevant reports. Meanwhile, our team at partners 2 innovate conducts an in-depth analysis of this data to develop a comprehensive workshop structure and necessary templates.

Our objective? To create a workshop plan exactly aligned with your business scenarios, ensuring optimal readiness for the next stage.


Step 2: Workshop Sessions

Transitioning from preparation to action, we assemble for on-site workshops. Here, we work closely with your process end-users, focusing on the identified pain points from our preparation phase.

During these interactive sessions, we conduct stakeholder interviews and conduct thorough analyses of end-to-end business processes, including steps performed outside the system. We validate these processes against Infor’s established standards and engage in constructive discussions with your team.


Step 3: Digital Innovation Plan

Drawing insights from our collaborative workshops, we proceed to craft a Digital Innovation Plan. This strategic document is not merely about troubleshooting; it’s about identifying opportunities for enhancement and growth.

Our plan categorizes enhancements into short and long-term improvements, quick wins achievable with minimal effort, and opportunities for leveraging system functionalities or optimizing business processes. We also consider areas where training or policy adjustments may be warranted, alongside possibilities for system upgrades and the integration of new IT solutions.

It’s a precisely curated roadmap, tailored especially to your organization’s success.


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Let’s embark on this journey of professional exploration and enhancement together!
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